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Sunday, 27 May 2012

13 Heroes

I consider my father, and millions like him, heroes. Dad was shot down twice in World War II, a winner of the distinguished flying cross. He managed to survive and win the war, but because of the injuries he sustained, the price he paid for the defense of freedom and democracy, 3 young boys were left to grow up without a dad, as were so many others, collateral damage of a battle like no other.

Globally, we now face the same battle. We are being run by the tyrants of greed. Their wholly owned governments are passing nearly identical oppressive laws in almost all "western-style" democracies.

I'm one single Canadian. Currently up in the middle of the night in my bed, with my laptop, about to introduce you to the launch of a new movement. I call it 13 Heroes.

13 Heroes is a movement of ordinary citizens of Canada who are appalled at a "so-called" budget bill that in 450 pages cuts the guts out of this country, with the ultimate exception of any business that wants to do business without oversight of environmental laws, no one to examine effects, decimating departments that protect the lives and health of citizens.

My father and all those other veterans did not fight and be injured and die to allow a questionably-elected government to destroy a century of cooperation and compromise in building a great, respected democratic nation.

13 Heroes is a movement to finally end the fascist reign of Stephen Harper once and for all.

In order to do this I am going to need 3 things. Number one, dedicated help. Number two, enthusiastic Canadians ready to bring us back from disgrace to respect in the eyes of the world. Number 3, money. Until I am able to set up not only a way to donate, but a transparent way of accounting for every cent will we receive and how it is dispersed, we are not asking for money.

We need people, as many as feel Harper has to go before he destroys the country. The weight of our people must be enough to create 13 Heroes. We need to make it imperative that 13 members of Stephen Harper's party commit and follow through on voting against the budget bill.

A loss on this bill requires a new election as a budget bill is always a confidence vote. 13 Heroes must be convinced to bring down this horribly wrong government before it is too late.

So I need you with me. I need you to contact me. I'll have a facebook page asap, and will set up a twitter account as well. Get me at my personal twitter account for now @bigpicguy

I need you. All we need are 13 heroes to save Canada. We can, we must do this. Let's get started, get me here or twitter or facebook but let's mobilize! NOW. Before we're too late.

13 Heroes. A lot less than they needed in my dads time.

Please be a part of history with me.